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The case study presented in this guide uses one AjaxHelper class method, BeginForm to provide the asynchronous functionality needed to update a section of a web page without refreshing the entire page.

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The rest of the functionality comes from basic ASP. The examples shown in this guide are derived from a case study project available on GitHub. You can download and run the project to see the techniques illustrated here in action and to experiment on your own. It uses Entity Framework 6. The case study application, BlipAjax is a simple system for gathering, storing, and retrieving geographic and other information about customers. It's not production-ready from either the design or coding perspectives; it exists to illustrate the concepts discussed in this guide. The example project was constructed so you can start with the MVC template and put together your own solutions using these resources using the sample project as a guide.

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The structure of the BlipAjax entities is simple, there are customers, which are located in a specific country and region. They can have multiple e-mail addresses and multiple postal addresses. Postal addresses are similarly located in countries and regions. The entity-relationship diagram looks like this:. The Seed method of the Configuration class in Blip.

Migrations contains data for populating the lists of Countries and Regions.

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The user interface for BlipAjax is as simple as the data model. Since the application is built on the MVC default template, the home page looks almost identical:. Selecting Edit at the end for a customer opens the customer edit page. It's this page that implements the Ajax functionality described in this guide. The Address Type dropdown enables the user to select either "Email" or "Postal" address.

And this is what Edit Customer Information looks like with the postal address option selected:. NET MVC Ajax Helper classes provide functionality similar to that of a client-side framework without imposing the development overhead. With relatively little C , a developer can create flexible, responsive user interface elements. Instead, each form section of the view is composed of a partial view with its own view model.

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In BlipAjax , the accompanying example solution, the application tiers are located in different projects, as follows:. Note that in the example application only one of the address partial views appears on the page at one time, either the e-mail partial view or the postal address partial view.

Note that there is no signature associated with the Edit method. There is no model Razor directive: Action HtmlHelper is used to render two partial views when the Edit view is first rendered. This value is also the route value for the view, but it could also be passed in the ViewBag collection when the Edit view is called from the Index view.

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Judicious use of route values and data passed in the ViewBag or ViewData collections can serve the same function as data that might otherwise be bound in the data model. An empty HTML element is used as the target for the Ajax action that renders either the e-mail address or postal address partial view. The JavaScript represented by the ellipses above provides functionality for the dropdown lists and does not effect the Ajax functionality.

That topic is one for a separate tutorial. The complete code can be seen in the example project on GitHub. The Scripts section of Edit. The jqueryunobtrusive bundle includes the script library jquery. The jQuery library itself must be loaded before the unobtrusive-ajax library. Aside from being a partial view, EditCustomerPartial. A model bound with the model Razor directive,. Note that it also has a code section where the value of the Layout attribute of the view is set to null. Setting this value to null forces the Razor engine to render the partial view as a partial view.

The partial view for selecting the address type to add e-mail or postal is also simple and is, for the most part, similar to a conventional data-backed view. Customize the UI of the control to place a hyperlink control under the login button, which should link to the PassWordRecovery. Place a PasswordRecovery control on the password recovery page. This control needs an email server to send the passwords to the users. Create a link to the ChangePassword. Place a ChangePassword control on the change password page.

This control also has two views. Click on 'Create Roles' and create some roles for the application. With SSL enabled, the browser encrypts all data sent to the server and decrypts all data coming from the server. At the same time, the server encrypts and decrypts all data to and from browser. A small lock is displayed by a browser using a secure connection. When a browser makes an initial attempt to communicate with a server over a secure connection using SSL, the server authenticates itself by sending its digital certificate. To use the SSL, you need to buy a digital secure certificate from a trusted Certification Authority CA and install it in the web server.

Following are some of the trusted and reputed certification authorities:. SSL is built into all major browsers and servers. To enable SSL, you need to install the digital certificate.

The strength of various digital certificates varies depending upon the length of the key generated during encryption. More the length, more secure is the certificate, hence the connection. NET - Security Advertisements.

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Now create a basic asp. Now add connection string in the web. Before proceeding to step 4, first build the project, and now add a controller to the. Now your solution explorer looks like this:. Fill the form with the desired values like this:. And click on Submit button:. Ajax Helper in Asp. Introduction Ajax driven web applications are quite common these days. Two core features of Ajax helper are as follows: Modified On Nov