Prestigious Discoveries at CERN: 1973 Neutral Currents 1983 W & Z Bosons

Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. The discoveries of neutral currents and of the W and Z Prestigious Discoveries at CERN: Neutral Currents W & Z Bosons - Kindle edition by Roger Cashmore, Luciano Maiani, Jean-Pierre .
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Classical, jazz, rock, brass band, bagpipe and hunting horn concerts continue throughout the day - folk dancers, conjurors and demonstrations of climbing and rescue techniques will animate the normally rather austere roads of the CERN site.

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Some outside groups have been invited for the celebrations but the majority of the activities have been organized by CERN employees. CERN 's scientists have revealed hidden talents as, magicians, musicians, singers, and even croquet champions. CERN's history is bound up with the construction of the large accelerators: Existing machines are used as pre-accelerators for the next generation, meaning that major investments are exploited over a long period.

The LHC will be the first machine in the world in which quarks and gluons collide in the TeV energy range and represents the next step in High Energy Physics research.

CERN celebrates discoveries and looks to the future

These are the conditions under which this new laboratory has been established"; these were the words written in by Sir Ben Lockspeiser, first President of the CERN Council. This is the atmosphere in which CERN has flourished for 40 years and in which the Organization looks forward to continuing successfully into the future.

During the European Cultural Conference at Lausanne, the French physicist and Nobel prize-winner Louis de Broglie proposes the creation of a European science laboratory. At the 5th General Conference of UNESCO held in Florence, the American physicist and Nobel prize-winner Isidore Rabi puts forward a resolution, which is unanimously adopted, authorising the Director General of UNESCO, "to assist and encourage the formation and organization of regional centres and laboratories in order to increase and make more fruitful the international collaboration of scientists The acronym CERN, however, is retained.

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Twelve founding Member States ratify the Convention: Yugoslavia leaves the Organization in for financial reasons. Finland and Poland join in , Hungary in and the Czech and Slovak Republics in , bringing the number of Member States to The MeV Synchro-Cyclotron begins operation. One of the first experimental achievements is the long-awaited observation of the decay of a pion directly into an electron and a neutrino.

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First operation of the 28 GeV Proton Synchrotron PS , which is for a time the highest energy accelerator in the world. In the same year, the first experiments using neutrino beams are carried out; this field of research eventually becomes a speciality of the physics programme at CERN. First bubble chamber pictures of neutrino interactions are taken.

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Neutrino physics benefits greatly from fast ejection of protons from the Synchrotron, which is achieved for the first time ever during May this year. Invention of multiwire proportional chambers and drift chambers - representing some of the most important advances in the domain of electronic particle detectors.

George Charpak is awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in for this invention. Approval of proposal to build a second laboratory adjoining the existing site in France and Switzerland for the construction of a new Super Proton Synchrotron SPS which is initially planned to reach an energy of GeV. With the booster and the new Linac, which starts operation in , the PS machine exceeds its design intensity by more than a thousand times.

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In , three of the theorists responsible for the electroweak theory, Sheldon Glashow, Abdus Salam and Steven Weinberg, were awarded the Nobel Prize. The discovery also owes much to the development of detector techniques, in particular by Georges Charpak at CERN, who was rewarded with the Nobel Prize in The results ushered in more than a decade of precision measurements at the Large Electron Positron collider, which tested the predictions of the Standard Model that could be calculated due to the work of theorists Gerard 't Hooft and Martinus Veltman, who shared the Nobel Prize in In addition to reflecting on past findings, speakers at the September symposium will also talk about the future of CERN, including the Large Hadron Collider , set to switch on in By colliding particles at extremely high energies, the LHC should shed light on such questions as: Why do particles have mass?

What is the nature of the dark matter in the Universe? Why did matter triumph over antimatter in the first moments of the universe, making our existence possible?

What was the state of matter a few microsceconds after the Big Bang? The full programme and further information, photos, on the symposium are available here! Hack Media availability: On the importance of mums — for the sake of science On the road to Open Science Proposed cuts to Horizon are short-sighted Science for Good: The symposium will be open to the public, and will run from 9 a.