Catlord Chronicles - Tower Great Lady Book #3

BROTHERS MAJERE is far from a great book, but I think I enjoyed it purely obsolete by the later installments by Margaret Weis in the Raistlin Chronicles. it at a steady 3 ish stars but I popped it up to 4 solely for the Cat Lord and the cats. . The story starts after Raistlin has completed his test in the Tower of High Sorcery.
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Evard is a man of sturdy build and average musculature, with pale skin and long dark hair. He wears rich clothing, often belted with a white sash, and a large purple gemstone hangs from his throat. He is a charming man with a ready grin. Evard was originally a minor noble in the March of Bissel. He came to be a very successful broker of information, and many sages and loremasters send him knowledge in return for solving vexing questions of their own. If he doesn't know something, someone in his network does.

He is ambitious and cunning, and will readily betray his allies if it suits him. He can be found in any of the major cities of the Sheldomar. In addition to the commonly known spell, Evard's Black Tentacles , Evard has also developed the following spells: Evard is known to have authored the following works: Legendary of Phantoms and Ghosts. Kargoth, more commonly known as Saint Kargoth, is a death knight of great power.

He is also known as "the Betrayer", and "King of the Death Knights. Saint Kargoth is of massive size and build, standing seven feet tall. His skeletal features are a baleful, glowing green color thanks to the fiendish surgeries and grafts his patron Demogorgon has subjected him to. He rides a glowing green chariot drawn by six nightmares. Saint Kargoth is a powerful servant of Demogorgon steeped in the politics of the Abyss.

Kargoth is worshipped along with the other original death knights by the Sunsebb Sodality and regarded as a saint by renegade elements in the church of Hextor. Saint Kargoth is currently contending with Murlynd over an artifact known as the Quannon. Saint Kargoth dwells in Kolurenth , a stone fortress atop a rocky pinnacle protruding from the sea in the Demogorgon's realm of Gaping Maw.

While the death knight is often away on business involving the Prime Material Plane , his fortress always hosts important human visitors. A sickly brown pool in Kargoth's private quarters is a two-way portal to Demogorgon's palace of Abysm. After Benedor was chosen over Kargoth to lead the Knight Protectors, Kargoth's jealousy and bitterness allowed him to be seduced by the demon prince Demogorgon , who granted him the power he craved by transforming him into the first death knight in CY. Kargoth, in turn, gathered thirteen fellow Knight Protectors to his cause, who were also transformed into death knights by Demogorgon.

Kargoth's betrayal is regarded by many as the beginning of the end of the Knight Protectors. Kargoth's famous sword, Gorgorin the Shatterer , was lost when he battled the legendary Hainard of the Whiteguard. Kas the Bloody-Handed was the most trusted lieutenant of the despotic lich Vecna , and wielder of the Sword of Kas. After many years of loyal service to Vecna, Kas eventually betrayed his master.

It is said that the sword itself whispered to Kas, convincing him to slay his master and usurp his power. The battle destroyed Vecna's Rotting Tower, and cost the lich his left hand and eye. The time he spent so close to the Negative Energy Plane changed him into a vampire , and he decided he would be called "Kas the Destroyer. The first edition of Dungeon Master's Guide does not specifically state that Kas severed Vecna's hand and eye, only that they, and the Sword of Kas , were the only objects that survived the battle.

Hand of the Revenant depicts the lich losing his left hand and eye to destructive magic casts by priests of Pholtus presumably to be restored at a future point in the story. Numerous third edition sources state with certainty that Vecna's hand and eye were severed by Kas's blade. Sources are also not in complete agreement as to when or how Kas became a vampire, as some state he gained his dark gift before his betrayal, while others state that he gained it after.

When Vecna was defeated during his bid for control of Oerth , Kas was freed from his centuries of imprisonment, only to find himself facing a shapeless wall of mist. When it cleared, he was master of the domain of Tovag , across the Burning Peaks from Vecna's domain of Cavitius. Kas waged an endless war of attrition with Vecna's forces in the hopes of retrieving the Sword of Kas from Vecna's citadel, where he erroneously believed Vecna held it. When Vecna escaped from Cavitius, both realms were destroyed explaining, in-fiction, their absence from 3rd edition.

Kas was caught up in the destruction and very nearly obliterated; he survives only as a vestige, a soul outside time and space whose powers can be used by binders. In the adventure Die, Vecna, Die! This death knight is not the true Kas, though he believes himself to be, and his real name is not given. This False Kas seeks to redeem himself for "his" betrayal of Vecna centuries ago. Keraptis is an evil wizard , and the main antagonist of the module White Plume Mountain. Little is known of the early life of Keraptis. Perhaps as early as c. Circa CY, Keraptis took over White Plume Mountain, near Rift Canyon, with an army of gnomish warriors, personally slaying the previous guardian of the mountain, the druid Aegwareth.

Keraptis dwelt in White Plume Mountain for nine centuries afterward, finally abandoning his lair sometime in the s CY to further his research. Realizing they needed protection from further such raids, the gnomes of the mountain opened up Keraptis' old laboratory, deploying magic that rewrote the personalities of those who read it with partial copies of Keraptis' own.

The result was the first False Keraptis, a gnome who truly believed itself to be the original.

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Though this False Keraptis eventually died, further ones came into being: Lashonna is a silver dragon vampire and the highest ranking cleric to the god Kyuss. Centuries ago, she was slain by Dragotha, the dracolich and most powerful servant of Kyuss. However, upon her death, the dark god resurrected her as a vampire.

Over the centuries, Lashanna became the most devoted servant to Kyuss to the point of declaring herself his wife when the Age of Worms arrives. She is jealous of her god's favoritism of Dragotha, yet too weak to act against the dacolich. Along with an avolakia Mahuudril, she founded the Ebon Triad, a cult that believes Erythnul, god of slaughter, Hextor, god of tyranny, and Vecna, god of secrets, are three parts of the one evil god.

In reality, however, known only to herself and Mahuudril, the cult's activities empower Kyuss and help usher his propheized Age of Worms. She holds great influence over the kingdom Redhand in the Bandit Kingdom and its ruler Prince Zeech, where she makes her home, appearing as a beautiful elven woman. Leomund, also known as Leomund the Red, is a clever and practical archmage and former member of the Circle of Eight. Greyhawk Ruins names him as a rumored member of the Ring of Five.

He always kept his whereabouts circumspect, but it is thought he once lived in Medegia. Leomund, an immigrant from the East, was already ancient when he joined the Circle of Eight in approximately CY. He retired from the Circle in CY, citing other compelling uses of his time. He was replaced by Otiluke later that year and has been seldom heard from since, and not at all in recent years. Leomund is the creator of "Leomund's plate and cup". Made of engraved silver, gold, or platinum, these finely crafted dishes produce delicious meals and alcoholic drinks on command, at variable frequencies per day depending on the nature of the item.

After use, they must be cleaned with sweet or holy water once a week or permanently stop functioning. Leomund was the player character of Len Lakofka, who has stated vehemently that his character was never a member of the Circle of Eight. Instead, in the Oerth Journal 10, he suggested that the Circle member was an impostor whose true name was "Guy Gas. Sir Loran is a former human knight of Sunndi who became a death knight.

Loran is eternally haunted by the spirit of his murdered wife. An evil, twisted man who hid his true nature behind a mask of honor and stoicism, Loran sought to be known for founding a great warrior-household. To this end, Loran took Lyra, a beautiful dancer, as his wife, but she bore him a daughter instead of a son. Enraged, Loran slew his wife, daughter, and the midwife, using his magic blade, Trollpyre's Defender.

Loran's mother-in-law, a priestess, put a curse upon Loran—he was to die painfully in battle, then rise as one of the undead , and be haunted by the spirits of his wife and daughter for all eternity. Upon rising as a death knight, Loran was unable to sire children, and thus his line died with him. Some time after his transformation, Loran lured a troupe of wandering performers to his keep and tortured them to death.

This act succeeded in drawing him into the mists of Ravenloft. Eventually making his way to Cavitius, Sir Loran entered Vecna 's service. However, Lyra and her child were also there, and continued to haunt him. In the game, Kath was once a cleric of Hextor of great power, and she is considered the catalyst for the betrayal of the Death Knights through her seduction of Lord Kargoth. Lady Lorana Kath augments her skeletal visage with gruesome masks made from the severed faces of young maidens.

She often accessorizes her plate armor with a bloody apron and bridal veil. Within the Greyhawk world, Kath was known as a powerful priestess of Hextor in life and was admitted into the Knight Protectors in an unorthodox manner, as a recognition for her medical skills on the battlefield. However, Kath was possessed of a scheming and ambitious mind, and desired to marry herself to a leading Aerdi noble to aid in her pursuit of power in the Great Kingdom.

She was betrothed to Prince Moranvich in , but the engagement soon fell apart. After Kargoth failed to overcome Benedor in a duel at the later's investiture in CY, he was seduced by the demon lord Demogorgon , who transformed the mighty paladin into Oerth 's first death knight. Kargoth soon assembled thirteen of his fellow Knight Protectors, including Kath, to plot revenge.

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Kargoth led his allies on a raid of the Temple of Lothan near Rel Deven, in order to seize an ancient Oeridian artifact known as the Orb of Sol. Using foul magic granted to him by Demogorgon, Kargoth used the Orb to deliver his allies to his master, transforming them into death knights as well, and also to unleash a great demonic horror known as Arendagrost, Maw of the Abyss, upon the land. Kath, unlike Kargoth, has no interest in advancing the plans of Demogorgon, and still considers herself a priestess of Hextor. She maintains an estate to the northwest of the Stringen region of the North Kingdom , where she amuses herself with research into the Ur-Flan and their necromantic practices.

It is said that Kath's research into these ancient sorcerers led her to develop the means to create animi , the unique undead servitors of Ivid V in the last years of his reign. Kath supposedly created the process as a means of reversing the transformation invoked upon herself. Baron Lum the Mad is a mighty Oeridian warlord whose power was at least partially due to his possession of the artifact known as the Infernal Machine.

Lum was betrayed by his former general, Leuk-o, when the latter came to possess the artifact later known as the Mighty Servant of Leuk-o. Their final conflict left a large area wasted. A mysterious mist appeared, and Lum plunged through a dimensional rift to the plane of Limbo , where Lum waited for centuries, his connection to the machine leaving him unable to die. The machine was housed in the fortress Rifter, near Rauxes, until the city was destroyed in CY, quite likely due to the machine's wild influence.

Baron Lum lived a life obsessed with war and conquest, trained for it from boyhood, when he was rewarded for thinking and planning but punished for frivolous behavior. His first experience with the love of the opposite sex was twisted, painful, and empty. He grew to be a handsome man with rugged features marred with only a few scars. More than eight centuries ago he discovered the sword Druniazth, an artifact sacred to Tharizdun. He wielded it against Ur-Flannae sorcerers of the Thelwood, but lost it during the fray.

He spent the rest of his time on Oerth searching for it, the effort slowly driving him insane. Years later, while exploring a castle his armies had conquered, he came across the Machine that would bear his name, a horseshoe-shaped nightmare of black metal, festooned with levers, dials, sockets, wires, and plugs. Through trial and error, he learned to manipulate it, learning more about its functioning than even the wisest sages have since then. If he was mad before, the blasphemous technology of the device drove him over the edge, but it also brought him great power.

With his disciplined troops and his new powers, he carved out a mighty fiefdom. It is said that, with the machine, he brought no fewer than 50 new species of monsters into the world. He thought nothing of barrages of fire that annihilated large numbers of his own troops, so long as he carried the day.

His reign was one of cruelty and horror, but it is credited in part for the impressive Oeridian successes in the days before their victories over the rival Suel and Flan were assured. Lum's reign approached its twilight when his formally loyal subordinate, General Leuk-O, discovered the Mighty Servant artifact in the Belching Vortex that would become known by his name. Some believe the Mighty Servant and the Infernal Machine were created by the same otherworldly artificer, and the appearance of them both so close together was no coincidence.

It is said the quasi-deity Krovis awoke from his sleep during this period to help bring Lum's tyranny to an end. The two armies clashed many times before their final battle, when Lum disappeared. The fate of Leuk-O is unknown. Throne of Bhaal , as being imprisoned in Watcher's Keep, and briefly at the end of Planescape: Torment when the final boss refers to a time when the Nameless One "danced sorceries with Lum the Mad".

He has held this position since CY. Nerof Gasgal was born CY in Greyhawk. At some point, he joined the Guild of Thieves, which was then under the leadership of Guildmaster Arentol. One of the youngest mayors in Greyhawk's history, Gasgal and his allies on the Directing Oligarchy who include Org Nenshen, his best friend, former partner, and guildmaster of the Thieves Guild brought great changes and dynamism to the city government, including reforming the city's currency. Gasgal has led Greyhawk for almost three decades, bringing the city to victory over its enemies, expanding its territory, and increasing its wealth.

In fact, Gasgal is regarded as one of Greyhawk's greatest mayors, second only to Zagig Yragerne. Nolzur is an illusionist and alchemist and former thief once part of the famed Company of Seven. After many adventures, he rose to the status of quasi-deity. He still has not forgiven Keoghtom. Nolzur began his career in Radigast City in the County of Urnst as a thief. His early travels took him to many places, including Blackmoor and the Pirate Isles. He journeyed with Murlynd and Keoghtom to the Cold Marshes in search of ruins of a civilization of sorcerous amphibians.

There the three adventurers battled a lich-queen known as the Weird of the Cold Heath. Nolzur argued that they should keep her disease-causing staff for use as a weapon against Iuz , but Keoghtom decided to reverse its effects instead, creating an item known as Keoghtom's Staff of Purification. Nolzur and Keoghtom's differences became irreconcilable more than a century ago when, according to repute, Keoghtom borrowed one of Nolzur's formulas in order to aid the creation of his famed Keoghtom's Ointment. This caused a permanent wedge in the Company of Seven, and the group went their separate ways.

Nolzur went into seclusion, Zagig retired to his castle , and Murlynd and Keoghtom left the Oerth behind to explore other planes of existence. Nystul is an archmage and member of the Circle of Eight. He is also the most famous native of the Duchy of Tenh. At one time, Nystul had an apprentice named Janina. Nystul is one of the famous mages whose spells were included in the Greyhawk Adventures hardbound.

Obmi, sometimes called Lord Obmi, is a murderous mountain dwarven fighter and member of Iuz 's Boneshadow. He has iron grey hair, has a taciturn personality, and delights in playing power games. Originally from the Crystalmists, he is known as "the Hammer of Iuz" due to his use of the dwarven throwing hammer, and "Obmi the Wily" for his cunning. In the past, Obmi was a slave of, then advisor to, the fire giant king Snurre Ironbelly. Obmi's early history is unknown. He is known to have been a slave of the fire giant king, Snurre Ironbelly of the Hellfurnaces from — CY.

By CY, Obmi had proven his worth as an advisor, and served King Snurre for the next twenty-five years in that role. In CY, Snurre's hall was raided by adventurers. Obmi escaped by masquerading as a dwarven prince. Shortly after his escape, Obmi joined the service of Iuz. Obmi first appeared in Gary Gygax 's original Castle Greyhawk campaign between and , where he was placed in an old magical laboratory in the center of the third level of the dungeon. Gygax gave him boots of speed , a dwarven thrower , and several gnoll henchmen.

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He also had a magical device that shot a ray that teleported the PCs to another part of the dungeon if they failed their saves. After many unsuccessful attempts, the PCs the Citadel of Eight finally destroyed the device, but Obmi escaped. Their hatred of Obmi did not diminish. Otto is a powerful human wizard , and member of the Circle of Eight. Otto is short and rotund, with shoulder-length curly hair, and a well-groomed mustache. He tends to dress in fine, expensive garb.

Originally a priest of Boccob in Almor, Otto soon found he had an uncanny knack for wizardry, and became quite skilled in the arcane arts. At the secret prompting of Mordenkainen , he became a henchman of Robilar for a time. Otto is a lover of fine food and music. He owns a manor in Greyhawk City 's Garden Quarter, where he is a generous patron of the arts [ citation needed ]. Robilar, Tenser , and Terik encountered him while adventuring there.

Otto was subdued by Tenser, but decided to work for Robilar. He subsequently gained levels rapidly, rarely straying from Robilar's side. In the original campaign, Otto was chaotic neutral and reached 18th level as a single-class magic user of chaotic neutral alignment. Otto is known to have authored or co-authored the following works: Aestrella a magical aria of his composition and Arcane Manipulations of the Entourage.

Otto is responsible for developing the commonly known spell Otto's irresistible dance. Many of the spells he has created are specialized by sound, sonic, or musical motifs. Otto has also developed the following additional spells: Otto's chime of release, Otto's crystal rhythms, Otto's drums of despair, Otto's gong of isolation, Otto's imperative ambulation, Otto's silver tongue, Otto's soothing vibrations, Otto's sure-footed shuffle, Otto's tin soldiers, Otto's tonal attack, Otto's tones of forgetfulness, and Otto's warding tones.

Riggby, also known as Riggby the Patriarch, was a major cleric of Boccob and a companion of the archmage Mordenkainen. In his prime, Riggby had black hair and chestnut-colored eyes. He customarily wore robes of light gray and off-white. He was a fiery evangelist for his uncaring deity, often demanding that unbelievers convert or die. He pursued temporal power in order to better maintain the spirituality of those among him.

Besides Boccob, he also revered Zagyg. Riggby began his career as a priest at a small chapel. At some point, he met with Mordenkainen and other members of an adventuring band the wizard was forming, and soon became a founding member of the Citadel of Eight. Riggby was one of the adventurers, along with Mordenkainen, Bigby and Yrag, who delved into Maure Castle to face off against Eli Tomorast and the demon Kerzit.

In CY, Riggby accompanied Lord Robilar into the dungeons underneath Castle Greyhawk in an ill-fated attempt to free, and then permanently kill, the demigod Iuz , who had been imprisoned there since CY by Zagig Yragerne. Sometime after the failure and release of the demigod, he settled down in Greyhawk City as the head of city's great temple of Boccob, and spent much of the balance of his life in retirement. It would be Riggby's death that set in motion the latest of Iuz's gambits to destroy the city, revenge himself on Mordenkainen and Robilar and strike out for domination of the Flanaess.

As with many of the original Greyhawk characters, Riggby grew out of a character played by Gary Gygax during the first campaigns run by him and Robert J. Riggby originated as one of a series of "henchmen" characters who followed Mordenkainen , and was named by Kuntz employing a serial naming convention all the names ended in "-igby" that also yielded the name Bigby.

He first appeared in print in the supplement The Rogues' Gallery , [] and was revised four years later by Kuntz for use as a player character for Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure. Serten is a powerful priest of Saint Cuthbert and member of the Citadel of Eight. He is rumored to be a member of the Ring of Five. Though he had low intelligence and was never truly respected by the rest of the Citadel of Eight, Serten was well-meaning, kindly, and likable and seen as useful.

He liked to adventure, but wasn't seen as competent enough to go on his own, as he was often too dumb to run away when in danger and he seldom planned ahead. Serten was slain CY at the Battle of Emridy Meadows , having finally been permitted to adventure without the rest of his party. Tenser blamed Mordenkainen for his death and left the Citadel of Eight over the issue.

Serten is associated with Serten's Spell Immunity, though as a 10th level cleric he is unlikely to have developed what was an 8th level magic-user spell himself. Serten's Ring grants a continuous Serten's Spell Immunity effect while worn. It is currently [ when? Serten is said in Dragon 82 to have authored Arcane Resistance of Dwarves and Halflings , an arcane spellbook. Serten was originally a cleric played by Ernie Gygax, one of Gary Gygax 's sons. Like Tenser, another of Ernie's characters, Serten is an anagram of his name, Ernest.

Ernie also played Erac's Cousin and Erac. Although Serten was clearly labeled a cleric in The Rogues Gallery and the Living Greyhawk Journal 0, the existence of the Spell Immunity spell, his purported authorship of a wizardly spellbook, and a rumor in Greyhawk Ruins all point to the existence of a wizard called Serten.

Ivid the Undying refers to Serten as a "legendary archmage". Snurre Ironbelly, also called King Snurre, is a notorious lord of fire giants. His wife is Queen Frupy. However, the Tasha of Tasha's hideous laughter was actually named after a little girl who wrote letters to Gygax with crayons. In later material, Gygax revealed that Tasha was an alias used by Iggwilv during her time as an apprentice of Zagig Yragerne and a member of the Company of Seven.

Theodain Eriason is a powerful elven wizard , and the first non-human member of the Circle of Eight. A native of the Yeomanry , Theodain operates throughout the Sheldomar Valley , but makes his home in a small country estate outside Loftwick. Theodain is tall and gaunt for an elf. His hair is black, with a silver streak and his skin is very pale. He is sarcastic, arrogant, intelligent, and strongly in favor of the Circle of Eight intervening more strongly in world affairs.

His cold demeanor has caused some to mistake him for a creature of evil. Theodain was born in the western Dreadwood. His family moved to the Yeomanry, near Loftwick, after the Yeomanry League declared its independence from Keoland. Theodain began his career as a warrior, and didn't take up the study of magic until CY , when his father, who had been a Grossspokesman, died. He studied magic with elven wizards in the Dreadwood and at the magic school in Gradsul. Theodain has adventured widely, from the Underdark beneath the Hellfurnaces to battling elemental cults in the Hool Marshes.

At least, this is what Return of the Eight tells us. Living Greyhawk Journal 0 says that Drawmij argued vehemently against Theodain's inclusion, and treats him with only bland acceptance today. Theodain enjoys the company of Drawmij, Nystul , Otto , and Jallarzi Sallavarian , though Nystul argued against the acceptance of non-human members and the canon disagrees on Drawmij's relationship with him.

Alhamazad and Warnes Starcoat treat Theodain with coolness.

Theodain views them with suspicion and they see him as an irresponsible hothead. Theodain openly questions Mordenkainen 's leadership at times, to the bare-pated wizard's annoyance. Theodain's greatest friend and ally is the dragon Hautna Masq, who has been known to assume his appearance and masquerade as him while in the Yeomanry.

Warnes appears as a greatly refined gentleman of Suel ethnicity, though his complexion is tanned from spending much of his time outdoors. His beard is short and well-trimmed. He wears the Starcoat , a magical coat as black as the night that glimmers with distant stars, and is rarely seen without his wide-brimmed, plumed hat. His patron deity is Zagyg. Warnes was born in CY in Leukish, capital of the Duchy of Urnst, to a merchant family of moderate influence and wealth. The third son of four, he was sent to the city of Seltaren when he came of age, to study magic at the Wizardholme of Urnst.

Warnes proved to be quite talented, becoming a well-regarded generalist mage before the age of thirty. Referred to as the "Druid of the Deep" because of its philosophical inclination and preoccupation with maintaining The Balance within the deep oceans. Thanks for this OP. I've never read it. Gibbering Mouther Now a fantasy standby. Usually kept as guards by mages or "obscene cults" I wonder why.

Reproduces via asexual fission once growing large enough.

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Can survive in the wild as a scavenger, but rarely forms reproducing populations outside of swamps. I'm having fun looking at this stuff again, too. Gnasher Fairly standard evil canid monster. Also has a winged variety, which is pictured here. Not actually any kind of dragon. Has one intelligence spread across all of its heads. Greelox Intelligent creature, rumored to have cities in the demiplane of shadow solitary on the prime material. Can speak any language it has heard for 1 hour continuously. Delights in the destruction of intelligent life. Scales and poison make for good spell components.

Kills the fuck out of orcs when it sees them. Those designed specifically for mining have two pickaxes instead of one. They like to work for mortals, because they are looked down upon by other genies - and protecting lesser beings who revere them builds their sense of self-importance. Leap onto humanoid prey and impales with legs, then proceeds to suck blood. Victims killed in this way become hosts for heart tick eggs, which hatch in a week. Neither truly undead nor a summoned creature. Creation process is unknown, but takes a very powerful wizard.

Not that they all aren't, but this one's got me thinking, do the three heads all always talk in unison, or can they talk individually? Do they nominate a speaker? Rarest of the nonunique dragon species. Only a dozen or so exist on any given world. Live in deserts in solitude, but can become "overly curious of visitors.

Sometimes the scale and such is lost if it's not explained, and I think that's a disservice to a really great book. Jade Dragon Eastern-flavored cousin to the Emerald dragon. The text describes it as being winged, but Diterlizzi didn't seem to take it in that direction. Jade dragons refuse to eat humanoids and live off of forest life and vegetation exclusively. Psionic ability to detect water over long distances. Prefers to live in hilly areas surrounding settlements.

Must stay wet, or it becomes "very uncomfortable. If two living steel encounter one another, they fight to the death. Described as "tracking its enemies mercilessly until it or they are dead. Judgement Day was still a really fucking big deal when this book was published. Anyways, this is great stuff! I've always liked his artwork, and a lot of this is new to me. Bane of thieves, often used to guard against them. Has razor-sharp teeth and a lightning-fast stinger of up to 2 feet long, kept hidden in the ethereal plane when not in use.

Sting causes slow and paralysis. Also popular with thieves as an assassination tool. Only has a human and wolf form. Cannot transform without pelt. This trait is genetically heritable. Loup Du Noir tend to become seduced by the power they gain in their wolf form, and over time often become afflicted by an irresistible urge to change. Ironically, they are noted as being talented ivoryworkers and do business in trading their own tusks. They enjoy a variety of food, which they eat in massive quantities. They frequently travel to different areas and plant fruit trees and grains to maintain the health of their grazing lands.

Lives for hundreds of years. Tends to be found spiraling in the air or in the water, dancing in a particular place for years at a time. They are as "thick as a human thigh. Silent, immune, and invisible to psionics. I just love Diterlizzis style, it's so evocative. Reproduces by striking victims with a special taklif arrow, who die within a day and become a Marrashi if not treated within 6 hours. Marrashi prefer to use their arrows on human or demihuman prey. Prefer to flee from fights.

Animated by elemental spirits, but given intelligence and the ability to speak. Occasionally, several metagolems can be found relaxing together in worlds particularly prone to violent lightning storms. Sages hope it is a unique creature. Now serve the dao in their mines. Survive by eating stone. Capture and sacrifice trespassers to their high queen.

Exceptionally greedy, but only for magical potions and poisons. Fights with its whiplike branches, which it also uses to load its hollow trunk with small rocks. Can "spit" rocks out of its trunk for considerable damage, decent range, and with good accuracy. Prefers its food bruised and bloody for easy digestion. Serve as maintainers of oaths between their master and any other sentient being. Doles out punishments in accordance with that laid out by the broken oath.

Experts on contracts, oaths, vows, and obligations. More than happy to debate or split hairs on the minutia of absolutely any topic. Can change color at will, as a chameleon. Occasionally enslaved by yuan-ti, sometimes serve naga or make alliances with lizardfolk. Ophidia can create additional ophidia by biting a humanoid creature. An ophidia created in this way gradually loses the memories of its previous life. Has the face and hands of a monkey, lion's mane and tail, and eagle wings.

Tend to live in or around ruins, though they sometimes venture to champion good causes. Enjoys playing pranks and making jokes. Hibernate in mud or go out to sea during winter. Lives in lake bottoms, hunting on land. Fascinated by magic but utter failures at using it themselves, despite their constant efforts. Ormyrr dream of someday flying by either growing wings, breeding wings into the species, or stealing enough magical flight items that every ormyrr may possess one. Wyvern and other winged species breeding attempts have been disastrous.

Calipha hive queens have beautiful, humanlike faces and bloated mothlike bodies. Spend most of their days hunting for pearls. Can stay underwater for over an hour without surfacing. Hoard tends to contain massive amounts of pearls. Prefer to stay away from humans. Believed to have been created by a wizard spell gone wrong. Tiny humanoids with disproportionately large heads and spindly bodies.

Attack only to annoy and aggravate prey by throwing rocks and branches, with no apparent strategy, and without concentrating on a single target. Society operates with antlike precision, but to what ends no one knows. They believe the most fun thing one can possibly do is to swing from the beard of a dwarf though other beards will also suffice. Can cast charm in a 40' radius via pheremone to help convince a person to play with them. A psionic variant of lich. Enemies to goblins, pterodactyls, and pteranodons. Feels more powerful in accordance with the heinousness of its acts.

Tends to live on hills, retreats to its lair when the weather turns pleasant. Wyrm and older rain linnorms have been known to control weather when too long a period has passed between storms. Excellent, thank you anonymous. No one is sure of their origins, but most know that disturbing a circle of dancing ratyum is a sure way to invite destruction.

Notable here for being a favored breed of the jann. I like that setting a lot. It is a manlike biped made entirely of sand, held together by magical cohesion. Monstrous Compendium Annual Vol. Frequent capsizers of ships. Human-sized, shapeless, flowing sentient shadows in natural form. Duplicates a victim's shadow, then takes its material form including weaponry, and physical abilities and attempts to slay its victim. Remains in the guise of its victim for a number of days before returning to true form and finding a new victim. Multiple shadelings are incapable of cooperation, and will all attempt to steal the same form without any apparent hierarchy.

Each oddly-shaped leaf sings with a melodic voice, blending into a beautiful, calming chorus. When particularly hungry, the tree itself sings as well, adding a bass accompaniment. Aboleth cannot transform captive humanoids into skum, but can change them so their offspring will. They generally continue to perform the work that they did throughout their life.

Humans communicating with spellweavers telepathically often become inflicted by temporary insanity. Created by drow to serve spellcasters. Each is inhabited by the spirit of an unknown tanar-ri servant of Lolth, to ensure that the creations are not used against her or her church. Consumes scavenged mineral matter. Stone snake egg yolk is a prized ingredient for ink used for inscribing the stoneskin spell. Appearance of a stone wolf varies upon its creator. Favored by mages for security. Curious and disdainful of the guard duties to which it is typically assigned.

Often fails to notice threats when deep in contemplation. Purportedly created to help the worthy by giving advice and answering questions. Occasionally lives near a singing tree, which does not harm the talking bird. Typically used as assassins. Society is organized as a thieves' guild, will often work in cooperation with illicit societies.

The corpse's legs below the knees and tongue are removed prior to enchantment, and an ancestral spirit of a wizard or priest possesses the body. What is the advantage? Tuyewera are able to drain breath from an enemy and grants it immunity from all weapons. They're pretty horrendous in general.

  • Blarney.
  • The Disciple?
  • Claimed By Desire (A Contemporary Romance) (A Hearts Desire Book 1)?
  • Harmony of the Law Volume 1.
  • See a Problem?.

Good at infiltrating humanoid societies. They tend not to marry, but do have preferred mates.

List of Greyhawk characters

The ball-like center body is studded with numerous eyes hidden within the flaps of its skin. Underside contains a large, suckerlike mouth with three serrated teeth arranged in a triangle, capable of moving independently of one another and gnawing through plate armor. Servants to djinn, used to sculpt clouds and herd rain. I have to get to bed for work in the morning. Winged Cat Lesser As a greater winged cat, but housecat-sized. A xantravar's body is actually two wine-red to gray mottled, teardrop-shaped, rubbery bulbs, 6 to 7 feet long, ending in strong, corded muscles that can drive home the two hollow bone strings at the base of each bulb with great force.

Above the stings, eight eyes ring each stalk. The bulbs are of the same size, linked by a curious glowing energy field that varies in length from a 2-foot norm to a maximum vertical separation of up to 12 feet and horizontal separation yup to 20 feet. They scuttle about on their retractile, wormlike legs.

Consumes ferrous metal and alloys, as a rust monster. Often have gaping wounds or missing limbs. Seriously, this was awesome. You did a great job out here tonight, soldier. Now, I'm going to bed.