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Dish 4: Into the Mix [Diane Muldrow, Barbara Pollak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Molly and Amanda have had an amazing summer, .
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The texture is perfect, being "a little crumbly but not at all dry. This cornbread was thicker and denser, with a rustic look, and the hint of sweetness balanced out the spice. In second place, by a very slim margin, was this Southern cornbread mix. To some of our boxed mix-skeptics, the remark on this cornbread was that it looks real, and it's the golden yellow color that all Southern cooks look for.

One of our best quotes of the batch: It has a very buttery flavor — almost too buttery, some said — but the general consensus was that this would be a safe bet in a pinch if you needed something quckly. The whole staff was surprised when the little corn muffins that they'd ranked as third turned out to be Jiffy brand — a staple baking mix in many Southern households. This was the most inexpensive mix out of the bunch, priced at just 48 cents at the local grocery store.

Some editors said that Jiffy was the sweetest of the bunch, but that it was also a little underwhelming. But, a handful of girls also mentioned that they knew right off the bat that it was Jiffy brand, even with it being a blind taste test. No, you do not have to cook the onions before adding to the filling mixture. But they should be very finely chopped. I would like to make this for Christmas. Can I make it the night before and reheat it in the baking dish? You can make Spanakopita the evening before. Follow up to step 9, cover and refrigerate.

When you are ready, go ahead and bake according to step Hi Suzy, I have a question? Seems it should be self explanatory with your step by step awesome instructions! Am I suppose to put the entire package of phyllo between damp towels or each sheet individually?

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This looks simple and delicious! Hi Mary, Thanks for your question. I made this recipe for dinner tonight, everyone loved it. It was very easy to make. I will be following you religiously. I am so so glad you enjoyed this recipe. And happy to have you in our community! Kristina, glad you enjoyed it!

If you plan to eat them the next day, simply store leftovers in a tight-lid container in the fridge. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!!! My best friend in high school was Greek and her mom used to make this for me when I came over for dinner.

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I loved it so much that she would even send me care packages to me in college! Have tried to replicate the dish and it never worked. Your directions were easy to follow and it was delicious!!! Heon would be so proud of me!!! He had three, no four helpings! I did it a bit more Yugoslavian style by layering pastry, oil, pastry, spinach mix and repeating. It came out amazing! Hi there, we just installed a new tool to calculate nutrition information see bottom of the recipe. But the calculated total calories per serving is approximately I have made this version twice and both times it has been delicious.

I use fresh spinach and it works beautifully. Thank you so much for this lovely recipe — it was my first spanakopita and it turned out quite well! Mine was just a bit on the dry side and I was wondering what you would suggest to fix that? Hey Andrea, so glad you enjoyed it! I use all extra virgin olive oil here, but if you like, you can mix melted butter with the EVOO and that might help. Also watch the oven…if your oven is stronger, it might be that you need to remove the Spanakopita a little earlier.

Especially with all the fresh herbs. Sprinkled some sesame seeds on top for decoration. It looked like it was catching quite early on in the oven, so once it was starting to go v golden brown we dropped the oven temperature right down to ensure the centre was cooked. Also put in a few gratings of nutmeg which really enhanced the spinach. Fillo dough has always intimidated me because of it being so delicate but this was so easy and not any where near difficult or scary. It was so delicious and my whole family loved it!!

Thank you for this easy and delicious recipe. I will make this again for sure. And thank you for sharing your tip about assembling this the day before! My aunt does the same as well. Made your soanakopita recipe last night and I think I used too much parsley! Any idea for a more exact measurement for the fresh parsley? Want to re-make it. Otherwise, a great recipe.

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My grocery store must be generous with their bunches. It even tastes great cold on a picnic!! Suzy, I am wondering if you can tell me the name of the cheese you get in Greek rest-aurants that they FRY?? I would luv to do this home. Excited for you to try this recipe. The fried cheese appetizer you order at Greek restaurants is called Saganaki.

You can do the same with Halloumi cheese. I want to make this for a brunch tomorrow! I want it to be as fresh and crisp as possible. Hi Rebecca, I have an aunt who does prepare it in advance. You can cover it tightly and refrigerate overnight. The next day, bring to room temp and brush the top with oil before baking. My preference, however, is to prepare the filling and refrigerate in a tight-lid container.

The next morning, just assemble and bake.

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I think this yields better results. We are using your recipe for a progressive dinner. Hi Sherry, you can make this a day or so in advance. Bring to room temperature, then cover with foil, heat in a medium-heated oven briefly. Everybody in my family now wants me to redo it! Made a couple small changes using 2 eggs instead of 4. Thank you for giving this a try. So glad everyone enjoyed it. And thanks for sharing your adaptation. Hi there, you will need about 3 lb of fresh spinach leaves to replace the frozen spinach in this recipe.

Drain completely, then proceed from there.

Into the Mix

I love the idea of the casserole! I have always taken the time to make the small triangles and that takes forever! The good part is that I make a huge recipe and put the triangles in the freezer and then when I need some I just pop them into the oven for a little bit longer! But this version takes the cake! I hear you, Maria! When I make this spanakopita, it goes fast! Thanks so much for stopping in…Hope you give this a try soon! Have you signed up to be a part of our e-mail list? I made this last night for a little dinner party and it was a huge hit! I served it with roasted carrots and the tzatziki sauce you recommended.

Just had left overs for breakfast. Also- healthy and budget friendly! So happy I found your blog! I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the Spanakopita! Thank you for stopping in to share! This is a great recipe. When I made it it came out great exactly as you wrote it. But I wonder why you sprinkle water on the top? I forgot to do so. Hey Maurice, I am so glad the recipe worked out for you. The water sprinkle is something I learned from my mom. And it sounds like that worked out well for you.

Thanks so much for stopping in and for giving this recipe a try! Any suggestion for feta cheese substitute? I love feta cheese but my husband dislike any form of goat cheese. Is there any white, crumbly cheese that your husband might like? I was reading your post and had a thought. Thank you so much for sharing. I do love moussaka but I think that your recipe for spanakopita is exactly what I would go for, if I had to choose.

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