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Scent of Tears has ratings and 2 reviews. Living in the city is hard for a shape shifter, especially one as young as Shawn. He's been anticipating th.
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After collecting the tears from several volunteers, Gelstein confirmed that they had no obvious smell. But the drops did provoke a reaction. Gelstein asked 24 men to sniff a jar containing either fresh tears or saline, and to wear a pad on their upper lip soaked in the same chemical. Each volunteer smelled tears on one day and saline on another. Neither they nor Gelstein knew which was which until all the results were in.

With the smell of tears wafting into their nostrils, the men found pictures of female faces less sexually attractive, although no more or less sad. In a second experiment, Gelstein asked 50 men to sniff tears or saline before watching a sad film. But when the men sniffed tears, their skin became better at conducting an electric current a sign of sweat and psychological arousal than after sniffing saline.

As before, their sexual arousal dipped afterward, according to their answers on a questionnaire. Their saliva even backed up their claims, for it contained less testosterone. She specifically focused on parts of the brain that are involved in sexual arousal, such as the hypothalamus , which controls several basic bodily functions, and the fusiform gyrus , which helps us to recognise faces.

She found that these areas were less active when the men watched a sad film, if they had previously sniffed tears instead of saline. Gelstein focused on emotional tears, because they contain different chemicals to those we shed to lubricate our eyes and remove irritating substances. These differences were discovered by William Frey II around 30 years ago. Even if emotional tears are different to other types, Vingerhoets thinks that Gelstein should have compared sad tears to irritated ones, as well as to saline. To recruit them, she placed an ad asking for volunteers who could cry regularly and perhaps unsurprisingly, the responses came almost entirely from women.

Male tears, however, are top of the list for future research. Frey suggested that people cry at emotional times to remove chemicals that build up during stress. This is why we feel better after a good sob and Hippocrates has a similar idea. Robert Provine thinks that they are simply a visual sign of sadness. Oren Hasson thinks that tears are a deliberate handicap. Vingerhoets has a similar idea. Parents would be prompted to care for the child; strangers would feel a stronger social bond; aggressors would be appeased. In fact, Vingerhoets thinks that the smell of tears could also make men less aggressive, which would fit with their falling testosterone levels.

Their reduced sexual arousal could just be a side effect. Lowering aggression in the person you are interacting with is an obvious interest. An even more contentious question is whether humans have pheromones at all. In , the answer seemed to be yes. He makes no claims about human pheromones in the paper, and the word is barely mentioned. Some will call this a pheromone, and some may not. Certainly, everyone I spoke to praised its design but Touhara is still sitting on the fence until the team actually finds the specific chemical in tears that affects male behaviour.

The team have already acknowledged this challenge. They want to see if the tears of men and children have a similar effect, and how tears affect people of the same gender. They want to see if irritant tears can act as signals. And they want to understand if female tears say anything besides sexual disinterest. Boehner is our new Speaker of the House; he cries constantly. Absolutely fascinating and great write-up, Ed. Very clever design, too — good job Gelstein et. I find it interesting that tears reduced male sexual interest.

Quite a few men report being turned on by crying. Second, I wonder why it is that crying has to be a signal — the more important element of crying, to me, is how useful it is to the individual that is, many people across many cultures feel better after crying, and my understanding is that this is because more hormones are cleared from the body through the act of crying — through tears and sweat brought on by that physiological process. I just wish there was more research on why crying is good for you! Aletha Solter has a cool paper on this from the early s. I was relieved to read that it reduced male sexual interest.

I have a toddler myself, so I am also very familiar with that helpless feeling and the relief when they stop! I really think a lot of people are bothered, angered sometimes even like in a public place , by infant crying. What I was thinking about is what happens when no matter what you do — nurse, soothe, rock, hug, whatever — the baby keeps crying. I was hoping someone would mention oxytocin. Oxytocin, more or less, may be considered as the antipode of testosterone in its behavioral effects: I would like to replicate the study with the focus more on aggression, social bonding and oxytocin.

I do think assuming that this effect is direct — and therefore, somehow, the evolutionary purpose of tears, as opposed to being a side-effect or downstream effect as Vingerhoets mentioned — is what I imagine the media will do to this story. And yeah, I admired them for the cautious interpretation.

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We have the proximate cause and not the ultimate one. Actually I meant the fourth picture if you count the header of the post.

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It was a joke that, but one that maybe only I get. Sorry for not being clearer! Not only is this intrinsically interesting, I am seriously pissed off after nearly being assaulted at the metro station. Betcha it would lower testosterone levels…. Actually, Ed, I think I may have found a possible answer: Once again, life imitates art.

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Especially if the tears have the same effect regardless of which gender cries them. Could the tears be operating as a self-chill-out mechanism? Rather than a communicative function? How close do the tears have to be, to be affective? Could tears be away of calming ourselves down, that can be literally wiped away?

Surely the concentration of these molecules at normal social interpersonal distances must be pretty low? War between the gods. Mortals used as pawns. A killer and a curse to bring death. What could go wrong? You'll love this epic fantasy! Finding the ghost town was easy. Surviving it would be more difficult.

The Scent of Tears

Product details File Size: December 23, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is a shortie, but is just as good as Dean' full length novels.

He has the ability to create a background, tell the story, and engage our interest all in a short time. Scent of Tears (Reflections) eBook: Dean Murray: Kindle Store

I am always left with questions and am curious with what he will come up with next. Whatever it is I know it will be good and I won't want it to end, either! One person found this helpful. Not worth waiting for the download much less the ninety nine cents you have to pay for the sixteen pages.

D made it sound like it had to be read! Scent of Tears is a novella introducing one of the shape-shifter characters from Dean Murray's Reflections series, Shawn. I love getting insider peeks into the different characters' lives: This book gives great insight that you wouldn't have otherwise.

I also let my young children read this novella. They knew that I was reading books about shape-shifters, and they wanted to read them, too.

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While not ready for the main books in the series, they were able to read this one for a hint into the world Dean has introduced us to. They loved it and can't wait until they're old enough to read the rest.

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I unfortunately stumbled across this book after I was already hooked to this new world that Dean Murray created. I really loved the book but wished it was longer. I had gotten so engrosed in the book just to have it end all too soon. I would still recommend the series to all my friends, but this book I feel is best when read first Excellent teaser for the book series.

Like watching a movie trailer. Just enough to make you want more. I appreciated the insight into Shawn and the mystery that was set up to be uncovered in future Reflections book s. I wished it was longer such a lame complaint, I know. I wanted to know more about this younger Shawn and the impact of what he saw.

I was left wanting more Loved it and can't wait tell the rest come out. Keep them coming Dean Murray. I read all these in a week I just couldn't put them down. The entire Reflections series is absolutely wonderful. I am so enjoying the connection I've gotten with these characters I highly recommend every, single book.

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