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School Class Party Tips and Ideas

This is not a sponsored post. Cozi has made my life my organized. Any other loyal Cozi users out there wanna back me up? A post shared by Dawn comeoverforcoffee on Apr 6, at 5: Log in to Cozi Sign up for Cozi. Class Party Ideas for the End of the School Year Think about creative themes that kids and teachers will remember well into summer!

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  5. Winter Holiday Class Party Treats.

Set up several tents as play stations inside and outside the classroom, prepare nature crafts, play horseshoes and animal charades. Decorate with checkered table cloths, serve hoagies and root beer floats, and play field day outdoor games like egg and spoon, three-legged race and water relays. Water, water and more water! Just add pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a red pom pom for an instant reindeer.

Print it — You can get creative with fancy foods or you can dress up simple kid-friendly snacks like Goldfish with printed tags.

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  • You may even be able to find low-cost printables online! Tame the sugar — When it comes to delegating party snacks, plan your class menu with SignUpGenius. And, well, no parent needs that gift. SignUpGenius makes it easy to recruit parents to fulfill any role. This can be a great way for others to get involved. Send reminders - Make it easy on yourself by letting SignUpGenius handle sending out reminders a day or two before the event.

    That way no one will forget what they have signed up to bring. Plan for enough manpower — Make sure to have enough parent volunteers on hand to distribute snacks, direct students through activities, and of course, clean up!

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    • Now that you have your grab bag of class party tips, planning will be a breeze. Need more Room Mom tips? See our Room Parent Resources! Jennifer Burg is a flip-flop wearing, Gator-loving, picture-taking, deal-hunting Florida gal. Parents are set up around the cafeteria. To start we have each parent quickly introduce themselves and their craft.

      Students then are able to visit a craft station and move onto another as they finish. We also have a large piece of construction paper laid out at the perimeter of the caf for students to put their completed crafts. We did use food items like conversation hearts and marshmallows, but it was not eaten-somewhat torturous for the kids, but they had fun so I think they got over it… I chose 4 games that I thought the kids would like and that were manageable.

      School Class Party Tips and Ideas

      My room parent recruited 4 parents to buy the supplies for the game and run the station. It worked out really well, was inexpensive for all, and was really fun. The big hit was the Marshmallow Toss. I prepared a red posterboard by drawing on a large heart, cutting out different sized openings, and labeling them with points more points for smaller holes, fewer points for larger.

      I hung the posterboard in the doorway and the kids loved tossing the marshmallows. I had them keep score so there was some math involved, too!

      Winter Class Treats That Aren’t Food

      We are a food allergy aware school so while we may have a small treat ex. I found it at the dollar tree and it sounded fun great for kids who like to be loud! I bought each student a game of their own as their end of the year gift. Then we split into small groups and played away!

      There was so much laughter and bonding…it was the most fun party we had all year! The kids still talk about it this year I taught multi-age so I have some of the same kids this year.

      Throwing a party in the classroom

      It was a great alternative to stuffing our faces and being done! Primary menu Skip to primary content.